Welcome and thank you for initiating the 2017 Science Action Agenda Survey
The 2017 Science Action Agenda is a four-year science agenda for the Bay-Delta that when implemented will advance scientific knowledge needed for Bay-Delta management and policy decision-making. It will serve as a communication tool for scientists and policy-makers within and outside of the system, fill knowledge gaps, and build science capacity.

Please take about 15 minutes to complete this survey to provide valuable inputs for the Science Action Agenda and to inform a game of Family Feud, a game show where two teams will compete to guess the most popular survey answers, during the Town Hall meeting at the 2016 Bay-Delta Science Conference on Wed., Nov.16, 2016.

Thank you for participating in the survey and don't forget to join us in seeing what the survey says on Nov. 16th!

Name a science action that builds science capacity (e.g., additional support for synthesis or new survey equipment).

Name a science action that improves understanding the effects of climate change on extreme events.

Name the first Delta Lead Scientist.

Name a science action that fills knowledge gaps for determining whether imperiled fish species use and benefit from restored areas.

Name the Delta Lead Scientist’s favorite sport.

Identify a science action that fills knowledge gaps about the abundance and distribution of predators.

Name a Brown-Nichol’s Award Recipient

What emerging science tools (e.g., technological innovations or new methods) warrant near-term investment?

Name a Bay-Delta species you care most about protecting.

What scientific advances (e.g., new tools and methods) would help inform management actions related to non-native aquatic vegetation?

Name the most financially neglected, yet most critically important research topic in the Bay-Delta.

The Science Action Agenda is most valuable to me because...

What is the cutest animal in the Bay-Delta?

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Thank you for participating in the 2017 Science Action Agenda Survey. Please click the "Submit" button to submit your responses.

Come to the Town Hall at the Bay-Delta Science Conference on Wednesday, November 16th to find out what the survey says!

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